Troy Meeder

Name : Troy Meeder
Location : Crystal Peaks Youth Ranch
Address : 19344 Innes Market Road
Bend, OR 97701
Phone : 541-330-0123
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Since the dawn of time, the relationship between horse and human has been fragile at best. “Old school” methodology taught us that we must first “break” the horse before he will be ready for the saddle and rider. Archaic and often brutal in nature, breaking a horse instilled fear, flight and distrust into the already tenuous partnership with man.

My passion has always been to help both horse and rider find that attainable balance of Trust, Respect and Understanding in each.

For over 20 years, I have worked hard studying the methods of horsemen like Ray Hunt, Tom Dorrance, Buck Brannaman, John Lyons, Klaus Ferdinand Hempfling, Mark Rashid, Martin Black, Clint Surplus and of course Mr. Richard Shrake.

I have found Resistance Free to be a time tested, simple and effective method in which to afford wonderful success for the rider that wishes to be in harmony with their horse. I am not a “pet maker”. Horses, by nature, need a leader. They need security in the relationship they establish with the human.  Carrots and apples do not make a good horse, peace does.

If you are ready to, with confidence, stillness of thought, trust and respect, wishing to better your relationship with your horse, I would love to help.

Your Friend,