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#2009 Legacy Bit (Limited Edition)

Richard Shrake designed and dedicates this limited edition “Legacy Bit” to the great horsemen of this century: Jimmy Williams, Arnold Rojas, Mac McHugh, Clyde Kennedy and Luis Ortega.

These trainers opened their hearts and shared their wisdom with Richard when he was a youth. He was welcomed by all of them and they brought him along the path to become the professional horseman he is today. Their knowledge and dedication to the horse is the basis of Richard Shrake’s Resistance Free® Training methods.
This limited edition bit represents Richard’s remembrance of their lives as the greatest horsemen who ever lived, honoring their legacy to the horse world as we know it today.

This bit meets the exact standards that you have come to know and expect from Richard Shrake. The craftsmanship exhibited both on the silver and the copper inlays represent the very highest quality. The "Legacy Bit" is hand made using sterling silver, sweet iron and copper. It takes full advantage of the natural curves of your horse's mouth. The result is a functionally superb bit to use and a fine art piece worthy of any collector of fine western heritage.

The "Legacy Bit" produces a mild leverage. This is due to the swept back design and an extremely comfortable mouth piece. You can see there is ample room for the tongue and height to provide for the maximum PreSignal® for the horse.

Due to limited production, only 250 total, each “Legacy Bit” is engraved with Richard Shrake's name and numbered for authenticity. A certificate will be provided with each bit. It is a bit to be coveted by collectors and horsemen who will want to use it on their horse for those special occasions or.

Original investment:               $1250.00
Future investment value:         Priceless  
product number                   #2009   

Return Policy All sales are final and non-refundable.  If you have a defective product, please call our office for authorization to return.

Price: $1,250.00


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