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#5064 PreSignal® Curb Bit

Product #5064

Rated #3 for mild curb bit control
This bit designed and produced by Richard Shrake


For young horse's first curb bit.  Advantages: PreSignal poll; PreSignal cushioned corners of lips; PreSignal slack rein; "s" shank keeps horse from grabbing side; tapered copper inlay, sweet iron solid mouthpiece and allows for one handed shoulder straightness control.  Rated #3 for mild curb bit control.

- Sweet Iron with copper inlay for maximum acceptance
- Flat headstall attachment for Pre-Signal® to the poll
- Jointed shank and mouthpiece gives maximum Pre-Signal® to lips and poll
- Slanted shank gives a slower, milder PreSignal® from the reins
- Slanted shank keeps horse from grabbing the side of the bit
- This bit has a five inch mouth piece

Return Policy All sales are final and non-refundable.  If you have a defective product, please call our office for authorization to return.

Price: $89.95


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