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#5063 PreSignal® Connector® Bit

Product #5063
Rated 2 Mildness.

Detail:Bit designed & created by Richard Shrake


This is the training bit for the horse going from the snaffle bit to the first curb bit.  It is excellent for nervous horses and has the extra length in the headstall attachment.  The 3-part mouth piece gives a PreSignal® to the corners of your horse's mouth.  The curved back rein attachment gives a slower, milder signal. This bit has the copper inlay and a sweet iron mouth piece, which develops maximum trust and acceptance by your horse.  Rated #2 for mildness.


  • Three piece mouth piece gives a Pre-Signal® to the tongue and corners of the mouth
  • Copper Inlay for maximum acceptance
  • Slanted Shank gives milder signal from the reins
  • Longer headstall attachment allows for Pre-Signal® to the poll, great for the nervous horse
  • This bit has a five inch mouth piece

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Price: $89.95


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