#701 Resistance FreeŽ Rhythm Collector Price: $79.95

#701 Resistance FreeŽ Rhythm Collector

How the Rhythm Collector works: The uniqueness of the Rhythm Collector is its simplicity and the fact that the horse trains himself.  It works by teaching a horse to permanently relax his poll, move his front and hindquarters in balance, and develop his muscles for maximum collection by sending gentle messages to the poll and the corners of the mouth.  It does not take the horse long to realize that by relaxing, the pressure on the poll disappears.  Remember, it is not a training device to pull the horse's head down and it must not be used that way...its purpose is to teach the horse to relax his poll and use his hind end more effectively.

The Rhythm Collector comes with a DVD with full explanation on how to use it when working your horse.

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