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About Richard Shrake.....

Richard Shrake is known by the Top Professionals in the horse world as the "Trainer's Trainer", the "Master of Horsemanship", the "Ultimate Coach".

Great horsemen are those who get themselves to constantly improve and consistently perform at peak levels. Richard Shrake is the "Ultimate Coach" for that special breed of men and women who never settle for less than who they can be.
Les Vogt
Multiple World Champion Trainer & Rider

Learn from the master how to train your horse with kindness and compassion. Richard's methods are invaluable for horse people in all disciplines.  He is a national treasure!
Jane Savoie
Coach of multiple Olympic Equestrian riders in Dressage & 3-day Eventing

Richard Shrake is an educator, not an entertainer. By attending either his week-end clinics, his intense 4-day riding programs, or as a spectator at horse expos and fairs, you will gain skills and confidence that you have never had in the past.  His knowledge is available to all of those who insist upon a life-long, positive relationship with their horses.  He teaches his Resistance FreeŽ Riding & Training Methods, which are acknowledged by their success nationwide.
Richard's communication skills allow all who follow his teaching methods to gain the greatest possible insight into their horse and their riding ability. He will break down each problem into a solvable situation.  Richard works with each horse person on their individual needs and that of their horse and because of this, he creates a "team" between horse and rider.

Richard Shrake has been an icon in the horse industry for over 45 years.   

Creator of the Resistance FreeŽ training & riding methods
Trainer of the Quarter Horse Congress All Around Champion horse
Instructor of over 40 World Championship youth & amateur winners
Judge of 16 World Championship Shows for 5 major breeds
Author of four best selling equestrian educationall books
Originator of Accredited Resistance FreeŽ Coach/Instructor Program
Advisory Board Member at 5 colleges and universities
Teacher of clinics & seminars internationally and around the globe
Producer of over 25 educational DVDs
Lecturer at over 220 major Universities and Colleges
Demonstrator at over 300 Horse Expos & Fairs
Inducted into the Horse Expo Hall of Fame 
Showed at major shows & circuits throughout the USA & Canada
Inducted to Hall of Fame for International Equestrian Master Symposium 
Designer of top quality saddles, horse bits and tack
Sponsored by the #1 equine companies in the industry
Voted "Best of Show" clinician at the FEI World Equestrian Games in Lexington, KY
Owner of Miss Resistance Free, the perfect "10" & Breyerfest horse of the year
Over the years I have watched Richard Shrake as he perfected his methods of Resistance Free training and riding. Not only is Richard a dynamic trainer, teacher and horseman, he is an every day person who will take the time to answer questions and visit with every person. As  a highly respected judge for many breeds, as well as a top clinician, Richard brings a world of knowledge to his work. That knowledge not only includes proven techniques for training horses, but also a wonderful way of training riders to work in harmony with their horses. It is a humane and highly effective system that teaches respect for the horse and builds self-confidence in the rider.
Martha Josey
Cowgirl Hall of Fame
Olympic Medalist
WPRA World Champion Barrel Racer
AQHA World Champion Barrel Racer

Richard Shrake's Professional Affirmation
The Resistance FreeŽ horse training and riding methods have been a life long process for me to be able to share with you the knowledge of patience, kindness and obedience when working with horses and riders. I have trained and instructed for over 45 years and my goal is to pass this on to all horse people who want a program that works for them and their horse.

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