Land O' Lakes Purina Mills, LLC


Through my videos, books, clinics and expos, I come in contact with over 500,000 horse owners each year. Answering their questions and helping them with their horses year after year is my credibility. Being able to recommend to them the Purina horse feeds has made my job very easy. I have been associated with Purina for over 12 years and I know that there is not another nutritional feeding program that has the quality, value and research behind them that Purina has. It gives me confidence that every time I recommend any of the Purina feeds I am giving the best advice possible. I have our brood mares at our home ranch on just three pounds of Strategy a day. They not only look great, but because they stay so healthy on the inside, our vet bills are zero.

Land O' Lakes Purina Mills
100 Danforth Drive
Gray Summit, MO  63039