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#011 Western Horsemanship Price: $29.95

#011 Western Horsemanship


Written by Richard Shrake, this book covers all aspects of horsemanship and is essential to every horseman's library. It has over 150 photos and covers: selecting the horse, equipment, riding the horse in motion, transitions, exercises, psychology, individual tests, what to wear, grooming and safety.

#044 Resistance FreeŽ Training Price: $29.95

#044 Resistance FreeŽ Training

Shrakes' unique Resistance Free™ system will help everyone interested in creating a good horse, and approach training in a logical, progressive way. Shrake offers a step-by-step system that eliminates trial and error, which is productive for neither the trainer nor the horse. Beginning with evaluating oneself as a trainer and starting with the right horse, the text and photos lead a trainer through all the steps to providing a top-notch horse: tying, leading, round pen work, lunging, ponying, saddling, mounting, and basic saddle work.

#055 Resistance FreeŽ Riding & Training Workbook Price: $19.95

#055 Resistance FreeŽ Riding & Training Workbook

Remember all of the Richard Shrake techniques are based on a progression through multiple levels from the simplest to the most difficult.  Always start at the beginning and return there if any resistance is shown at the next level.  Go back and review often.  The same process applies to your overall riding program, whether you are an individual with one pleasure horse or a professional with a barn full of students and show horses.  Set short, medium and long-term goals for yourself and your horses.  Review your goals frequently to stay on trach toward accomplishing them.  You may also want to refer to this manual for quick reference and a renewed look at your personalized notes to guide you on to your customized program.

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