Horse Professional's Endorsements:


Richard Shrake has spent most of his life working with horses and people who want more knowledge about riding and getting along with horses. It's wonderful that Richard is now sharing his knowledge with the horse world.

Larry Mahan
6 Time World Championship Cowboy
Host of National TV Show...Horse World

Richard Shrake's Resistance Free™ Riding has changed the way people train horses...for the better. Richard's ideas are such good basic common horse sense that I wonder why I didn't think of them myself...but I didn't, he did. His books and tapes can help anyone from a beginner taking his or her first riding lesson to someone who has trained horses for many years. If you will just follow Richard's game plan the time spent with your horse will be more productive and pleasant for both you and your horse. I'm now waiting for Richard to write Resistance Free™ Living because I think it would help all of us humans to live in harmony with one another. Please keep writing!

Gayle Lampe
1995 United Professional Horseman's Association
Equitation Instructor of the Year

Richard Shrake educates through the power of positive thinking. His emphasis on the psychology of the horse allows the rider to advance to a level of total understanding of rhythm and movement. A great aid for all levels of riders!

Diane Eppers
Trainer of Multiple AQHA World Champions

I am very impressed with Richard Shrake's Resistance Free™ methods, which has much to share with Centered Riding. Breathing and softness are some important keys to harmony between horse and rider.

Sally Swift
Centered Riding, Inc.

Taking the difficult and making it simple is what genius is all about. Richard Shrake and Resistance Free™ Training has done just that. Richard is truly one of the master teachers in today's horse world.

Gigi Skelly
Trainer/Rider Multiple Super Horse and World Championships

Professional horseman, judge, lecturer, clinician. To most horsemen, this would be enough for a lifetime of achievement, but for Richard, it has only served as a highway to gain the equine knowledge that it took to perfect his Resistance Free™ Riding methods. His system goes into detail that is easily understood from the beginner to the professional. Richard has found the way for the association of horse and human to be more stress free and enjoyable to each other. Resistance Free™ Riding is a dream that can come true. To see and hear Richard is an education, entertaining and a very enjoyable equine experience.

Jim Becker
Leading Trainer of AQHA Champions

I am so proud to know Richard and admire his Resistance Free Training methods! Richard is a great horseman that always gives his very best knowledge to the horse industry, as I do. We are both AQHA judges, trainers, successful competitors and clinicians for more than three decades. Richard's passion and love for horses meets the same standards as mine. Richard will always have my respect, a special place in my heart and an admiration as a fellow horseman.

Lynn Palm
Palm Partnership Training

Richard Shrake's knowledge is his gift of communication to others. He explains to horse people how to deal with the mysteries of the horse's mind and body. He breaks down training and dealing with horses to levels that can be understood by experienced and non-experienced horsemen. His constant positive approach builds confidence in both horse and rider. Dr. Dave Whitaker Horse Specialist, Middle Tennessee State University

Dr. Dave Whitaker
Horse Specialist, Middle Tennessee State University

These can be used in Press Releases Endorsements for Richard Shrake from the Top Professionals in the Horse World Learn from the master how to train your horse with kindness and compassion. Richard's methods are invaluable for horse people in all disciplines. He's a national treasure!

Jane Savoie
Alternate for 1992 Olympic Dressage Team
Author of four top equine books

Over the years, I have watched Richard Shrake as he perfected his system of Resistance Free™ training. Not only is Richard a dynamic trainer, teacher and horseman, he is an everyday person who will take the time to answer questions and visit with every person. As a highly respected judge for many breeds, as well as a top clinician, Richard brings a world of knowledge to his work. That knowledge not only includes proven techniques for training horses, but also a wonderful way of training riders to work in harmony with their horses. It is a humane and highly effective system that teaches respect for the horse, and builds self-confidence for the rider.

Martha Josey
Cowgirl Hall of Fame
Olympic Medalist
WPRA World Champion Barrel Racer
AQHA Champion Barrel Racer

Richard Shrake, A.Q.H.A. Congress instructor/trainer/judge truly knows the path to Resistance Free™ training and riding. Decades of interaction with students and their equines has made Richard an expert in communication with equines in a way that enables even the least knowledgeable amateur to become a professional in the training of their own equines. His Resistance Free™ training program is based on the simplest of concepts: patience, kindness, consideration, respect and reward. These are the most basic elements needed for building a good relationship with anyone yet the effect is often underestimated. When I first met Richard Shrake, I was a bit cynical and wondered if training equines could ever truly be Resistance Free™. I followed Richard's guidelines and expanded my own understanding with experience to discover that after many years of perfecting my own techniques, he was indeed correct. The relationship with your equine can be developed in this Resistance Free™ way. It just takes a commitment to try to understand and do what is good for the equine and not necessarily for oneself. The joy that is experienced from his Resistance Free™ training is the reward YOU will derive from the commitment to your equine!

Meredith Hodges
Multiple World & National Equine Champion
Author of Equine Educational Books & DVDs

Great horsemen are those who get themselves to constantly improve and consistently perform at peak levels. Richard Shrake is the Ultimate Coach: for that special breed of men and women who never settle for less than they can be.

Les Vogt
Multiple World Champion Rider & Trainer

The Resistance Free™ bit series developed by Richard Shrake is a real service to people in the eventing world, like myself, as well as to calf ropers like my son in Colorado. We both use his bits as part of our everyday equipment.

Denny Emerson
Former Member, U.S. Olympic 3-Day Team
Vice-President, U.S. Equestrian Team for 3-Day Eventing