Level 1 Graduate Program

STEP #1: In becoming an accredited Richard Shrake Resistance Free Coach

The Graduate Course is for all those who want to become an accredited coach with the endorsement of Richard Shrake.  You will receive full four days of working with Richard, which is approximately 40 hours of instruction and class time.  You can bring your own horse or have one furnished for you.  Your days will consist of ground work, riding and class room time. You will have access to Richard's extensive knowledge and review in the classroom sessions that are set up each day following the riding and training sessions. When you register, you will receive a questionnaire from Richard's office.  This is designed to better acquaint Richard with your past experience and future goals.  Since this program is designed for you personally, we ask that you take your time and completely fill out this questionnaire.  Richard reviews each questionnaire, so it is important that he have all the information you can furnish.  On your fourth day, after your riding and training session, you will have an individual evaluation time with Richard. He will go over your progress and give you a program for you to work on when you get home. Richard will furnish you with his contact information as he is dedicated to helping you will all of your future questions and problems. This is an ongoing commitment for you and Richard for your future in becoming a Richard  Shrake Resistance Free™ Accredited Riding Coach.  You should sign up and complete your Level 2 Masters Program within four to nine months of completing your Level 1 Graduate Program.  Please telephone our office with your questions and for further information.  You can sign up for this program on our website or by calling 541-593.1389

The cost of this program is $1700 with a $900 deposit at time of registration. 
The program balance of $800 plus $90 stall fee is due in our office 30 days prior to the program start date.

Price: $1790.00

Level 2 Masters Program

At your Level 1 Graduate Program, Richard gave you a "road map" and goals for you to work on at home.  Now you are ready to attend your Level 2 Masters Program. You will receive more advanced instruction and teaching methods.   You will be working with your own horse and other horses, plus working on ground work. You will be working on this from a student and coach capacity. The format and details will be the same as your Level 1, however you will have moved to a more advanced Level in your goal of becoming an accredited Richard Shrake Resistance Free Coach.

Price: $1790.00

Level 3 Apprentice Course

After completing Level II, the Masters Course, you are ready to take the more advanced Level III Apprentice Course, which is again open to all riders and coaches wanting to go on with their Richard Shrake program and really refine, perfect and become the ultimate finished rider and trainer.  This is mandatory for those working to become a "Richard Shrake Resistance Free Coach.  At this level, those working on accreditation will be in the ring with Richard.  They will be riding and working with various horses and perfecting their teaching and training skills.  Richard will review the talents and various requirements needed to prepare you to continue with the program.  A questionnaire will be furnished to assist you with these requirements.

Price: $1700.00

Apprentice Area Clinic with Richard Shrake

For those that have completed their Level III and are in the process of taking students and/or horses in training as a business.  The next step is conducting a clinic with Richard in their area.  Richard's office will work with each apprentice to set up dates (2-day weekend clinic), and assist them with advertising, promo,etc.  The apprentice will need a location for the clinic that will accommodate a minimum of 25 riders and up to 200 spectators.  The clinic will be advertised as a Richard Shrake Resistance Free™ Clinic introducing the apprentice to the area as a Richard Shrake Resistance Free™ apprentice and working toward being endorsed by Richard Shrake.  It will be the apprentice's responsibility to organize and sponsor this clinic.  The cost is Richard Shrake's daily fee plus expenses.

Price: TBD
(Determined by consultation with Richard)

Richard Shrake's Oregon Accreditation Session

Following the clinic, the apprentice will have the opportunity to come to Oregon and work with Richard, along with other apprentices who have reached this level. They will refine their techniques by working with riders and horses. This will consist of five full days and at that time Richard will certify each apprentice according to their skills. They will receive information on all phases of operating a riding and training facility, public relations with clients & self promotion, barn management, etc.

(Due to scheduling, there are circumstances where the Oregon program is available before the Apprentice conducts the clinic with Richard. If this does happen, accreditation will be postponed until the clinic is completed.)

Price: $3350.00